National Wilderness Areas

Thick tree cover at the edge of Uncompaghre Wilderness in Colorado
Boundary marker for Uncompahgre Wilderness in Colorado

In total, there are about 110 million acres of designated wilderness managed by the US Forest Service, the National Park Service, US Fish & Wildlife Service and the Bureau of Land Management. This is an area larger than the state of California (third largest of the 50 states). 52% of all wilderness acreage in the United States is in Alaska.

The US Forest Service oversees more than 430 designated wilderness areas for a total of more than 36 million acres. The National Park Service lays claim to more than 43 million acres in 60 locations (although some locations (like Lake Mead National Recreation Area) have multiple designated wilderness areas within them). US Fish & Wildlife Service manages more than 20 million acres in 71 areas. The Bureau of Land Management has more than 22 wilderness sites, comprising more than 8 million acres.

Some wilderness areas are managed by multiple agencies but there are more than 750 designated Wilderness Areas in the United States.

The list below is only a list of the National Designated Wildernesses, not wilderness areas managed by the various states and some tribal governments.

National Wilderness Areas
Mount Rainier from Goat Rocks Wilderness
Mount Rainier from Goat Rocks Wilderness to the south
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