James Peak Wilderness

James Peak Wilderness was included into the National Wilderness Preservation System in 2001. James Peak (13,294') was named after Dr. Edwin James, an American physician and botanist who traveled to Colorado on the 1819-20 US Army Expedition led by Major Stephen H Long. Dr. James was the first botanist to properly describe many of the plants found in the Rocky Mountains.

The 14,000-acre James Peak Wilderness is located within Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest. On the eastern slopes of the Continental Divide, James Peak Wilderness includes several peaks over 13,000' and more than a dozen small alpine lakes. There are about 20 miles of hiking trails in the wilderness. Parry Peak (13,391') is the highest peak in the wilderness.

Trail to the summit of James Peak
Trail to the summit of James Peak
Map of the middle of James Peak Wilderness
The heart of James Peak Wilderness

Upper photo of James Peak courtesy of Ted Logan, CCA-by-SA 3.0 License
Lower photo is in the public domain
Map courtesy of National Geographic Topo!