Cahuilla Mountain Wilderness

The 5,585 acres of Cahuilla Mountain Wilderness became designated wilderness in 2009. The property is located in the southern area of San Bernardino National Forest. Lower slopes are covered in a thick chaparral while the upper slopes are treed with live oak and Jeffrey pine. Wildlife in the area includes mountain lion, mule deer, California quail and the rare red diamond rattlesnake.

From the top of the mountain (5,604') you can see peaks rising to the north and a massive desert landscape laid out below, including the route followed by Juan Bautista de Anza in 1776.

There aren't a lot of marked trails, the primary trail being the one from Anza to the top of Cahuilla Mountain. Camping and campstoves (with a free California campfire permit) are allowed but campfires are not.

Photo courtesy of Chris Barns, CCA 2.0 License