Little Chuckwalla Mountains Wilderness

The Little Chuckwalla Mountains Wilderness is a 28,034-acre property continng the Little Chuckwalla Mountains and surrounding bajadas.

The mountains rise to about 2,100 feet and are rugged. Vegetation is sparse but in the more northern part of the wilderness, you might find some desert bighorn sheep. The southern part of the wilderness is an area favored by the endangered desert tortoise.

You'd better bring lots of your own water, a good map and good route finding skills: there are no trails.

The Little Chuckwallas are south of Desert Center, about 25 miles southwest of Blythe. Interstate 10 offers several exits giving access to several roads that go south and get close to the wilderness boundary. However, once you leave those highway interchanges, you'll want high-clearance 4WD under you.

Upper photo courtesy of Jennifer Taylor, BLM, CCA 2.0 License