Organ Mountains Wilderness Study Area

Organ Mountains Wilderness Study Area is a 7,283-acre property located mostly on the western slopes of the Organ Mountains near the northern end of the range. Elevation vary from around 4,800 feet to just over 9,000 feet. The higher elevations offer some Ponderosa pine forest but below those trees the vegetation is mostly a mix of mountain mahogany, sotol, gray oak and alligator juniper. Many of the canyon bottoms see seasonal springs and streams, a few canyon bottoms offer perennial water flows and small riparian habitats. Among the wildlife found on the property are mountain lion, mule deer, various songbirds and a subspecies of the Colorado chipmunk. Crossing the WSA is the Baylor Pass National Recreation Trail.

To get there: About 1 mile west of Organ turn and go south for about 2 miles on the Baylor Canyon Road to the parking area and trailhead for the Baylor Pass Trail. Hiking east on that trail you'll reach the summit of Baylor Pass at about 3.25 miles and another two miles will bring you to the Aguirre Spring loop road. Baylor Canyon Road is generally accessible with a 2WD vehicle but if it's wet, there could be trouble (even for 4WD).

Map of the Organ Mountains Wilderness Study Area
Map of the Baylor Pass Trail
Baylor Pass Trail map
Upper photo courtesy of Lisa Phillips, BLM
Map courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management