New Mexico State Parks and Historic Sites

New Mexico has quite a number of truly beautiful state parks. While most state parks are centered around lakes and aquatic activities, some state parks are in the mountains, some among the enchanted mesas and at least one is in the eastern grasslands. Then there's the state parks and state monuments that preserve and commemorate historic and cultural sites and events, such as Pancho Villa State Park, site of the famous Pancho Villa raid on southern New Mexico back in 1916. And there's also the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park in Albuquerque with its visitor center displays and three-mile nature walk along the river, totally surrounded by the city. New Mexico's State Parks offer something for everyone.

New Mexico State Monuments have become State Historic Sites with a significantly lower support level from the state as the Republicans in government continually seek to lower expenses by reducing public services.

A view of a picnic table and small pier beside Lake Maloya
Lake Maloya, Sugarite State Park
New Mexico State Parks location map
Looking into the ancient pueblo structures of Giusewa at the Jemez State Historic Site
At Giusewa, the Jemez State Historic Site

New Mexico State Parks and Historic Sites

Looking across the northern side of Eagle Nest Lake State Park toward Wheeler peak in the distance
Eagle Nest Lake State Park, Wheeler Peak in the distance

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Map courtesy of Cartesia MapArt US Terrain