Hollow Hills Wilderness

Hollow Hills Wilderness is a 22,366-acre property northeast of Baker. The majority of the property is a large and gently sloping bajada that drops east-to-west toward Silver Lake. Silver Lake is a dry lake bed just outside the southwest boundary of the wilderness. On the east side low hills rise toward the Turquoise Mountains.

Elevations vary from a low around 300 feet near Silver Lake to a high of 3,122 feet on a summit near the wilderness center. The vegetation is primarily creosote bush, scale-shrub and desert holly. Desert tortoises and Mojave fringe-toed lizards love this kind of landscape, as do western rattlesnakes.

There are no dependable sources of water and there are no developed trails. Typical of areas in the California desert, there are a couple rough 4WD routes that head toward the wilderness area from California Highway 127.

Photo courtesy of James Sippel, BLM, CCA 2.0 License