Black Mountain Wilderness

A typical gravel and sand wash in Black Mountain Wilderness
In Black Mountain Wilderness

Black Mountain is a mesa rising above ancient lava flows in the northwestern corner of the 20,548-acre Black Mountain Wilderness. The top of the mountain is at 3,941 feet elevation. The property drops from there to about 2,080 feet. In the southweast corner of the wilderness is a large deposit of fine-grained sand.

The landscape is covered with a scattered chaparral ecosystem. There are numerous dry washes in the bajadas but there is only one known spring near Opal Mountain.

The BLM indicates there are significant private inholdings in the wilderness area: Beware!

A Joshua tree savanna in the bajadas of Black Mountain
The lower areas of Black Mountain are covered with a Joshua tree savanna
Photos courtesy of the BLM, CCA 2.0 License