White Pine Range Wilderness

The White Pine Range Wilderness is a 40,013-acre property in the White Pine Mountains, bordered by the Currant Mountain Wilderness to the south and Bald Mountain Wilderness to the east. These mountains are characterized by a wide mix of scenery and terrain. Elevations range from 6,300' to 9,565'. Among the rocky canyons and rolling alpine hills you'll find numerous springs and seeps. The lower elevations are covered with the typical desert sagebrush community while the higher elevations carry stands of pinon pine and juniper with white fir, limber pine and bristlecone pine above that.

Access is via US Highway 6, heading west from Ely for 25 miles to the intersection with County Road 1163 (the White Pine Campground road). Follow CR 1163 west to the Ellison Guard Station at the southeastern corner of the wilderness. You can also take US 50 west out of Ely to Illipah Reservoir. From the reservoir, go south on County Road 11 to Cathedral Canyon. This will give you access to the northern end of the White Pine Range Wilderness. County Road 11 beyond Cathedral Canyon parallels the eastern boundary of the wilderness until you reach the Ellison Guard Station.

White Pine Range Wilderness map
Map courtesy of National Geographic Topo!  
Ely south area map

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Map courtesy of National Geographic Topo!