Nevada State Parks

Virtually all of Nevada's State Parks, Recreation Areas and Museums charge use fees. They also usually permit pets but they require your pets to be under control and/or on a short (6 foot) leash when in public. Vehicles are permitted only on designated roadways and parking areas. Fires can be made in designated fire rings and BBQ pits but firewood gathering tends to be prohibited (the host usually has firewood for sale). Don't be collecting plants, trees, animals, fossils, rocks, minerals or other natural objects, or prehistoric or historic artifacts. Most parks also observe a quiet time from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

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The beach at Sand Harbor
The beach at Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park

Nevada State Parks

Map showing the locations of Nevada State Parks
Nevada State Parks map

Upper photo courtesy of G. Thomas
Lower photo courtesy of Nevada State Parks
Map courtesy of Cartesia MapArt US Terrain