Cranberry Wilderness

Cranberry Creek
Cranberry Creek

With 47,815 acres Cranberry Wilderness is the largest US Forest Service wilderness east of the Mississippi River. The topology of the area is rugged with broad mountains dissected by deep, narrow valleys. Elevations range from about 2,400 feet to more than 4,600 feet here on the Allegheny Plateau. The highest elevations hold stands of red spruce but the tree cover is mainly a mix of Appalachian hardwoods.

Wildlife to be found in the wilderness includes black bear, whitetail deer, grouse, wild turkey, rabbits, bobcats, mink, foxes and coyotes. There are more than 70 miles of maintained trails in the wilderness but equestrian use is highly discouraged: the trails just weren't built for horses.

Trail map for Cranberry Wilderness
Cranberry Wilderness trail map
Upper photo is in the public domain
Other photo and map courtesy of the US Forest Service