Fivemile Pass Recreation Area

Bikers at Fivemile Pass Recreation Area

Fivemile Pass is a popular camping and OHV area just off Utah Highway 73 southwest of Fairfield. Fivemile Pass sees a lot of ATV's, OHV's, mountain bikes, motorcycles and horses, especially on holiday weekends. This property is less than 1 hour from Salt Lake City but hasn't really been developed. Supposedly there are plans to build developed campgrounds with a regular water supply, but it hasn't happened yet. Utah State Parks did chip in and there are 4 vault restrooms on the property. So for now, the camping is primitive and dispersed (no picnic tables, no fire rings, no trash pickup - and no target shooting allowed). There is a large parking area for day users, and several back country roads for explorers and campers to check out. There are bulletin boards in the parking areas where you'll find notices in regard to special fire restrictions and other pertinent info. There's also a thing about not riding near sensitive raptor nesting sites in the area. Fivemile Pass is open year round and an entry fee doesn't exist (yet).

The intersection of Utah Highway 73 and the Pony Express Trail Backcountry Byway is at Fivemile Pass.

Map of the Fivemile Pass area
Fivemile Pass Recreation Area map, Click on the map for a larger version
Photo and maps courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management  
Provo Canyon Scenic Byway area map

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Map courtesy of National Geographic Topo!