Palisade, Colorado

The 182-day growing season and overall climate of Palisade has made it the "Peach Capital of Colorado."

The first Anglo settlers arrived in the Palisade area in 1881, about the same time the Army was pushing the Utes onto a reservation in northeastern Utah. The soil of the area was rich but moisture was scarce so folks were hauling water in barrels on wagons for a long time. But the first pear, peach, apple and grape orchards were beginning to produce around 1894. It was in 1913 that the US Board of Reclamation put some money into building irrigation canals and dams along the river to support the orchards.

The name comes from the magnificent palisades of the Book Cliffs just to the north of town.

The Palisade Liquor Store in Palisade, Colorado
The Palisade Liquor Store
The Palisade Post Office
The Palisade Post Office