Highline Lake State Park

A view of the park playground

Located northwest of Grand Junction in the Grand Valley, Highline Lake State Park has miles of hiking/biking trails and two lakes in a lush green, well-treed environment. Mack Mesa Lake allows only wakeless boating while Highline Lake can get pretty active with the water skiers and jet skis. Both lakes have excellent fishing. In addition, as a wet and green oasis in the midst of a large high desert area, the Audubon Society has designated Highline Lake State Park an important bird migration resting point and there are wildlife viewing kiosks (with telescopes and educational materials available) on the east and west sides of Highline Lake. The State Park is also home to a herd of mule deer. Highline Lake State Park is open year round and sees lots of snowshoers and cross-country skiers in the winter.

A view in the campground at Highline Lake State Park
In the campground at Highline Lake State Park

Photos courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife