Colorado City, Colorado

Colorado City is an unincorporated town just west of the I-25, about 25 miles south of Pueblo. While a lot of the housing is concentrated around the links of the Holly Dot Golf Course, there are other areas that have been built up, especially close to the Interstate. There is a small business district just southwest of the golf course with convenience stores, auto parts, tire and repair shops, and it looks like some doctors' offices, too. If you drive State Highway 96 to Rye, you'll pass through the business district but you probably won't see the golf course unless you are looking for it. Colorado City has a community center (that looks like it needs some help) and a nice pool (that's in excellent condition) that is well-used come summer. Lake Beckwith is a fishing lake that doubles as the town water supply.

The Clubhouse at Holly Dot Golf Course
The Clubhouse at Holly Dot Golf Course
Lake Beckwith
Looking west across Lake Beckwith, Greenhorn Mountain in the distance
Part of the Colorado City subdivision
Part of the Colorado City sub-division
Colorado City Community Center
At the Colorado City Community Center
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