San Lorenzo Canyon Recreation Area

A view deep in San Lorenzo Canyon

San Lorenzo Canyon Recreation Area is centere3d around an east-west canyon located against the southern edge of the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge. The area is full of shelter caves, arches and many different rock formations. The cottonwoods indicate there was once a reliable water source in the area, but not any more. Hidden in the canyon bottoms and washes you might find some tiny springs and creeks but you'll also find the remains of old homesteads and ranches. The Rio Grande Mule and Donkey Association and the New Mexico Carriage Club often use this area for their group events.

At San Lorenzo Canyon Recreation Area hiking, backpacking, picnicking and primitive camping are allowed but there are no facilities, no toilets and no drinking water. The property is open year round and there are no fees involved.

To get there: Get off the I-25 at Lemitar (about 7 miles north of Socorro). Take the west frontage road north about 5 miles. Before you hit the boundary of Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, you'll find a maintained dirt road heading west that will take you into the main canyon.

Note: Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge is normally closed to visitors.

Maps: BLM - Socorro

San Lorenzo Canyon Recreation Area
In San Lorenzo Canyon
Photos courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management
Socorro area map

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