Pritchett, Colorado

Pritchett is about 15 miles west of Springfield, still well out on the Plains. The grain elevators let you know this is serious wheat growing country. The town itself looks like it was reasonably prosperous once upon a time: several former stores, a nice old movie theater and quite a few brick buildings. But times changed and a lot of business consolidated in Springfield. I would imagine the Dust Bowl days didn't help any either. And like so many other places out here, the kids grow up and head for the excitement of the big city. I remember those days myself, vaguely. But I seemed to grow out of that nonsense and now I live even further out than Pritchett...

Still, the countryside around Pritchett was quite lush and it looks like those who still farm wheat should be doing pretty well, this year anyway. If you've ever seen the movie "Hi-Lo Country," starring Woody Harrelson, you've seen Pritchett (part of the movie was filmed here).

In downtown Pritchett
In Pritchett's business district
Different building styles next to each other
Eclectic styles
Pritchett, Colorado
The old Fox movie theater in Pritchett
Pritchett's movie theater
More homes in Pritchett, Colorado
Pritchett, Colorado

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