Twin Lakes, Colorado

Twin Lakes is a historic town on the north shore of Twin Lakes (of course) and close to the eastern foot of Independence Pass. It's surrounded by San Isabel National Forest with large wilderness areas to the north, west and south. The Top of the Rockies Scenic Byway passes through Twin Lakes, then up and over Indepepndence Pass to end in Aspen. The views in Twin Lakes: simply incredible. As are the hunting and fishing around here.

Most of the buildings pictured here are under the care of the National Forest Service but there are still some businesses operating in town and probably a pretty good crowd hangs out here in the summer. After hunting season though, Independence Pass is allowed to stay snowed in and I'll bet the traffic through here drops off pretty dramatically. The Saturday I came through in late September, the leaves were in full fall color and the road was packed with folks driving, driving, driving, over the hill to Aspen's version of Oktoberfest (I felt like everyone in Denver with an SUV was out here doing 70 mph, then I realized there were folks on motorcycles weaving their way in and out of the traffic and passing people on both sides, too... I was taking my life in my hands just stopping to take in the views and enjoy the colors... and now and then I came across a string of people on bicycles... and people wonder why I live way out in the woods where no one can find me).

Twin Lakes, Colorado
In today's Twin Lakes business district: the General Store and restaurant
Historic structures maintained by the Forest Service: a tackle shop, a church and a home
In the former Twin Lakes business district: a Tackle Shop, a home and a church

Fast Facts about Twin Lakes, Colorado

Twin Lakes, Lake County, Colorado 81251
Elevation: 9,200'
Latitude: 39.0826°N
Longitude: 106.3811°W
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