Bayfield, Colorado

Bayfield is a small town that the US 160 shoots across between Pagosa Springs and Durango. From the highway it doesn't look like much but get off the road and there's a nice little town here. From all indications, folks who would like to live in Durango come here instead because the cost of living (and real estate) is somewhat more sane. And Bayfield still doesn't get that seasonal flood of tourists, although one of the primary roads to access Vallecito Reservoir heads north on the west side of town.

Historically, Bayfield grew up as an agricultural supply station but with a substantial increase in natural gas production in the area, the town was getting more prosperous. Then the price of gas fell through the floor and everything retracted.

A wooden and a stone pair of commercial buildings on Main Street in Bayfield
Old commercial establishments
Bayfield, Colorado
On Main Street in Bayfield
A view of the front of the Wild Horse Saloon on one of the main streets of Bayfield
The Wild Horse Saloon
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