Starvation State Park

Starvation State Park is centered around the excellent fishing and boating at Starvation Reservoir. This is a reservoir with unusually blue water and many remote coves and beaches to explore and enjoy. A popular event at Starvation State Park is the annual walleye fishing tournament. This sees 10-pound-plus trophy fish being brought in every year.

Starvation is located 4 miles northwest of the town of Duchesne. Because winter can be pretty hard around here, the park is mostly a summer park with the gates closed from 10 PM to 6 AM, although the state says the park is open all year round (the ice fishing is probably pretty good).

Elevation: 5,700'. Acreage: 3,500

Map of the Starvation State Park area
Photo courtesy of David Jolley, CCA-by-SA 3.0 License
Map courtesy of National Geographic Topo!
Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway area map

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Map courtesy of National Geographic Topo!