Slick Rock, Colorado

I was heading north across the flatlands above Dove Creek when I came to the edge of the Dolores River Canyon. Surprise! The view was huge and full of colors. Going down to the bottom of the canyon took a while with a few switchbacks along the way. When I came to the river, there was a dirt road heading northwest while the pavement turned to the east. In front of me was an old (but habitable) structure left over from the mining days.

I stopped and took photos in several directions, then got back in the car and followed the pavement east. Every map I had with me told me that Slick Rock was at that intersection. When I got back home and started poring over my detailed topo maps, I discovered that the townsite of Slick Rock was actually just around the bend up that dirt road. And while my topo maps do indicate lots of old mine sites in the area, those that I actually did see along the highway are not on the topo maps. Frustrating. I'll have to go there again and check things out better.

Approaching Slick Rock from the south, huge views over red rock countryside
Getting closer to the valley, from the south
In the center of a red rock face is a mine steeple from the old days
There's a mine steeple in the center of the photo
A view along the Dolores River in the direction of Slick rock: nothing but scrub, red rock and a flowing stream
Looking northwest toward Slick Rock, along the Dolores River
The landscape around Slick rock is heavily littered with red sandstone boulders
Talk about a rubble strewn countryside...
Lone Mesa can be seen from just past Slick rock
Just past Slick Rock, Lone Mesa can be seen (that point on the right)

Fast Facts about Slick Rock, Colorado

Slick Rock, San Miguel County, Colorado
Elevation: 5,545'
Latitude: 38.033055°N
Longitude: -108.888333°W

Photos are courtesy of TheArmchairExplorer, CCA-by-SA 4.0 License