Nebraska's National Wildlife Refuges

Nebraska has wildlife refuges that span the range of ecosystem/countryside from ancient river oxbows to prehistoric sand dunes. Most wildlife refuges cater to migratory birds but there are plenty of mammals and fish on most properties, too. National Wildlife Refuges in Nebraska tend to be open from sunrise to sunset (although certain areas may be closed seasonally to provide undisturbed sanctuary for migrating birds) and charge no fees. John and Louise Seier NWR is closed to the public. Certain areas of North Platte NWR are also always closed to the public. Part of Fort Niobrara NWR is designated wilderness.

Hunting and fishing are usually allowed, just have your Nebraska fishing and hunting licenses on hand and pay attention to any special requirements and/or regulations imposed by each individual refuge and by the State of Nebraska. At Fort Niobrara you need to be aware of the presence of free-roaming bison. Most refuges also offer established trails and designated scenic drives.

Locations of the National Wildlife Refuges in Nebraska

Photo from Rainwater Basin WMD courtesy of George Gentry, US Fish & Wildlife Service
Photo from Fort Niobrara NWR courtesy of John & Karen Hollingsworth, US Fish & Wildlife Service
Map courtesy of Cartesia MapArt US Terrain