Denver, Colorado

Denver County is a consolidated city/county. It is famous as being "The Mile High City," and is the place I go to remind myself why I live so far out in the woods. Denver was named for James W. Denver, former Kansas Territorial Governor. Denver City & County contains 153.3 square miles of land and 1.6 square miles of water.

Denver is home to the Denver Broncos (NFL), Colorado Rockies (MLB), Denver Nuggets (NBA) and the Colorado Avalanche (NHL).

A view of the canyons between the towers on 17th Street in downtown Denver
17th Street, Downtown
The 16th Street area of downtown Denver in 1898
16th Street in 1898
A satellite photo of the urban sprawl that is Denver
Denver from space, 1999
The former Speer Boulevard High School
One of Denver's original high schools, Speer Boulevard, just northwest of downtown
Speer Boulevard, Denver
A view just before sunrise looking southwest on Speer Boulevard
Top and bottom 2 photos are courtesy of TheArmchairExplorer, CCA-by-SA 4.0 License
Other photos are in the public domain.