Cleveland National Forest

Looking out from Mt. Laguna
The view from Mt. Laguna

Cleveland National Forest is a 460,000-acre property located in southern California. While the property is part of the National Forest system it is composed mostly of chaparral with a few riparian areas.

Prior to 2019, the Cleveland was the site of the largest forest fires in California's history. The forest was assembled in 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt when he combined the San Jacinto and Trabuco Canyon National Reserves and renamed the whole after President Grover Cleveland. As in most southern California National Forests, a National Forest Adventure Pass is required before you park your vehicle in most areas.

Wilderness Areas

The southern part of Cleveland National Forest sees regular road closures because of "law enforcement activities." In reality, they are trying to limit the travel routes available to the Mexican cartels...

Hikers in Cleveland National Forest
Hikers in the forest
In the mountains
In the mountains of Southern California
Hang gliding in Cleveland National Forest
Hang gliders doing their thing
Upper left photo courtesy of Wikipedia userid Althepal, CCA-by-SA 3.0 License
Other photos courtesy of the US Forest Service