Arkansas Scenic 7 Byway

The Fordyce Bathhouse at Hot Springs National Park
Fordyce Bathhouse at
Hot Springs National Park

Arkansas Scenic 7 Byway runs about 290 miles along Arkansas Highway 7, from Diamond City near the Missouri state line to El Dorado near the Louisiana state line. In between it traverses beautiful and historic areas, including about 60 miles of travel through the Ouachita and Ozark National Forests. Those stretches in the National Forests are included in the National Forest Scenic Byways system. In those areas you will also find developed campgrounds, picnic areas and several trailheads for hiking, biking and horseback riding in the Ouachita and Ozark Mountains.

Arkansas Scenic 7 Byway also ties together state parks like Poison Spring, Jenkins' Ferry, Lake Dardanelle and Lake Ouachita, along with Hot Springs National Park, a place where you can rest and soak your body in the relaxing and healing naturally therapeutic mineral waters. Near the northern end of the route, Arkansas Scenic 7 Byway also crosses the Buffalo National River.

Trees in fall colors over a stream along the Arkansas Scenic 7 Byway
A fall scene along Arkansas Scenic 7 Byway