Nowitna Wild & Scenic River

The Nowitna River is about 283 miles long. About 223 miles of that are across Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge and that's the section of the river designated Wild & Scenic.

Except for a short section in the mid-length of the river, the Nowitna is classified as a Class I float. That 15-mile Nowitna Canyon area in mid-length (between Big Mud River and Mastodon Creek) pushes the river rating to Class II with some areas of extended rapids. Otherwise, the river meanders all over a relatively flat landscape among bogs, swamps, ponds, oxbows and ever-changing channels. The lower area of the river also suffers from strong winds blowing upstream.

Summer along the Nowitna
Summer along the Nowitna River
Lower photo courtersy of M. LeFever, USFWS
Other photo courtesy of the US Fish & Wildlife Service