Carlton Pond Waterfowl Production Area

Carlton Pond Waterfowl Production Area is a 1,058-acre property northwest of Augusta that includes most of Carlton Pond and some acreage in the surrounding freshwater wetlands and forested lowlands and uplands. The property provides wetland habitat for more than 30 species of resident birds and migratory waterfowl. There are also nine species of salamanders, frogs and toads, enough that come late May the sound of the frogs after dark can be deafening. Folks in canoes will also discover many wooden duck nest boxes around the pond, placed there over the years by volunteers. The more nest boxes in place, the more ducks produced.

Carlton Pond WPA is administered by staff from Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge Complex out of an office in Rockland as an extension of Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.

Photos courtesy of the US Fish & Wildlife Service