Myakka State Forest

Map of Myakka State Forest

Myakka State Forest offers about 19 miles of marked hiking, biking and horseback riding trails, plus picnicking sites, fishing, hunting and primitive camping (with an appropriate special use permit). There is a canoe/kayak launch site in the central part of the forest but users have to carry their boats to the site by foot (no vehicles are allowed).

Travelers in the forest might see white-tailed deer, bobcat, feral hog, American alligator, gray squirrel, Florida scrub jay, gopher tortoise, doves and northern bobwhite.

7,295 acres of Myakka State Forest are included in the Myakka Public Small Game Hunting Area (PSGHA), jointly managed by the Florida Division of Forestry, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Southwest Florida Water Management District. The Myakka PSGHA is the central portion of Myakka State Forest, east of Winchester Boulevard, west of Jennings Boulevard and south of the Myakka River. Everything east of the Myakka River and west of Winchester Road is off-limits to hunters. Immediately east of Jennings Boulevard is West Port Charlotte anyway.

Photo of Florida scrub jay courtesy of David Moynihan, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
Map courtesy of Florida Division of Forestry  
Charlotte Harbor area map

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Area map courtesy of National Geographic Topo!