Lemon Bay-Myakka Trail

Lemon Bay

The 47.9-mile Lemon Bay-Myakka Trail is a route that begins on US Highway 41 and ends on US Highway 41, just not in the same spot.

The main route is along State Road 776 but there is a 17-mile loop at Cape Haze on SR 771 and another 6-mile loop in the Englewood area on CR 775 and 777.

In addition to the views of beaches and Old Florida countryside, the route passes by Manasota Key (with some more great beaches) and the 380-acre Tippecanoe Environmental Park (a nature preserve featuring a mangrove swamp, marshlands and a boardwalk for easy access).

Also along the route of the Lemon Bay-Myakka Trail is the Myakka State Forest (pine flatwoods interspersed with marshlands and a 2.5 mile frontage on the Myakka River).

There are plenty of modern amenities along the route but Myakka State Forest also offers campgrounds with hookups, for those that travel that way.

A pier on Lemon Bay
A pier on Lemon Bay
Photos courtesy of Florida DOT  
Charlotte Harbor area map

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Area map courtesy of National Geographic Topo!