National Wilderness Areas in New Mexico

  • San Pedro Parks Wilderness
  • Sandia Wilderness
  • Withington Wilderness

National Wilderness Areas

As of 2015 the newly designated Columbine-Hondo Wilderness makes 26 wilderness areas in New Mexico. I haven't found any data yet from the US Forest Service in regard to Wilderness Study Areas in their domain but the BLM manages 57 Wilderness Study Areas, some of which are virtually guaranteed to become full wilderness areas but many will not. I say some are virtually guaranteed to become full wilderness areas because they already lie within designated Federal units like National Monuments or National Conservation Areas or they have been Special Management Areas for years or they directly abut previously designated wilderness areas. As for the other parcels, there's no way to know.

I remember seeing one large WSA in Idaho (surrounded by National Forest but owned by the BLM) that was denied because of opposition from lumber interests: there was virgin timber on the land. If the land had been previously clearcut and made unfit for human or animal it would probably be designated wilderness now...

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Wilderness Areas in New Mexico
Photo of San Pedro Parks Wilderness courtesy of Steve Boutcher, via
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