Apalachee Savannas Scenic Byway

The Apalachee Savannas Scenic Byway is a designated National Forest Scenic Byway that traverses the western side of Apalachicola National Forest. The route is about 35 miles long and is paved all the way, although there are no services of any sort. The Apalachee Savannas Scenic Byway also passes close to the Fort Gadsden National Historic Site, just in case you'd like to check out the site of a fort built by the British during the War of 1812 that was destroyed by a single cannon ball a few years later. Just make the turn on Forest Road 129 (the Fort Gadsden Road - south of Sumatra) and you'll be there within a couple miles.

The campsites along the scenic byway are universally accessible and most can accommodate RVs. For those who like their countryside a bit rougher, there are also several primitive hunt and fish camps in the region.

The savannas are a mix of longleaf pine flatwoods, warm wetlands and cypress bogs. There are more than 100 species of wildflowers growing here, with many that flower in the different seasons.

Wildflowers in the savannas
Wildflowers in the savannas along the Scenic Byway
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Florida Central Panhandle area map

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