New Hampshire - The Granite State

  • The Appalachian Trail in the White Mountains
  • Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge
  • Lake Winnepesaukee
  • Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Mount Jefferson
  • A ski trail in the White Mountains
Downtown Manchester, New Hampshire

In the early 1600's, French and English explorers visited the area of New Hampshire but no one tried to hang out for any significant amount of time until 1623 when English colonists arrived at what is now Dover.

In the early years, the big business was along the seacoast: fishermen, whalers, maybe even pirates (Blackbeard is rumored to have buried a treasure at the offshore Isles of Shoals). By the time of the American Revolution, there were essentially two classes of people in the colony: wealthy merchants on one side and mariners, day laborers, indentured servants and slaves on the other.

The Congress of New Hampshire met in Exeter on January 5, 1776 and ratified the first state constitution in what was to become the United States of America, six months before the famous "American" Declaration of Independence was signed and made public.

There was only one engagement fought in New Hampshire during the Revolutionary War. That happened on December 14 and 15, 1774 at Fort William and Mary in Portsmouth Harbor. The American rebels attacked and overran the British fort, taking a lot of gunpowder and weaponry that were used against the British later during the siege of Boston.

New Hampshire State Capitol
New Hampshire State Capitol
Mount Adams, in the Presidential Range of New Hampshire
Mount Adams, in the Presidential Range of New Hampshire
Fast Facts about New Hampshire
Admitted to the Union: June 21, 1788 : 9th
Capital: Concord
Largest City: Manchester
Area: 9,350 square miles : 46th
Highest Point: Mt. Washington : 6,288'
Lowest Point: Atlantic Ocean: 0'
2010 New Hampshire Population Demographics
Total Population 1,316,470
Males 649,394
Females 667,076
Population by Age
Under 18 287,234
18 & over 1,029,236
20-24 84,546
25-34 144,472
35-49 292,742
50-64 290,640
65 & over 178,268
Population by Ethnicity
Hispanic or Latino 36,704
Non Hispanic or Latino 1,279,766
Population by Race
White 1,236,050
African-American 15,035
Asian 28,407
Native American 3,150
Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 384
Other 12,062
Two or more 21,382
Map of New Hampshire
New Hampshire