Crowley's Ridge Parkway

A view at Crowley's Ridge State Park.
At Crowley's Ridge State Park

The Delta Cultural Center

Crowley's Ridge Parkway is a 212-mile route following Crowley's Ridge, a geological anomaly running north-south in northeastern Arkansas and the bootheel of Missouri. More than 95% of the route is in Arkansas.

The Arkansas section became a designated state scenic byway in 1997, then became a National Scenic Byway in 1998. The Missouri section byway designation was in 2000.

In both states the route of the Parkway follows federal, state, county and municipal roads and streets, seemingly at random. The only indicators that a driver may be on the right route are the National Scenic Byway signs along the way.

A few miles of the Parkway route are shared with the Great River Road National Scenic Byway and the Arkansas Delta Byways group oversees both within the Arkansas state lines.

Attractions along Crowley's Ridge Parkway


Marianna Town Square
Crowley's Ridge Parkway Arkansas map
Map of Crowley's Ridge Parkway in Arkansas
Crowleys Ridge Parkway Missouri section map
Map of Crowley's Ridge Parkway in Missouri
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