Alaska's National Wilderness Areas

  • Ruth Glacier in Denali Wilderness
  • Caribou north of the Brooks Range in Mollie Beattie Wilderness
  • Gates of the Arctic Wilderness
  • Left-Hand Valley in Izembek Wilderness
  • Katmai Wilderness
  • Kobuk Valley Wilderness
  • Lake Clark Wilderness
  • Red Hills on the Arctic Plain, Mollie Beattie Wilderness
  • Sand dunes in Selawik Wilderness
  • A glacier in Togiak Wilderness

Some 52% of all the nationally designated wilderness acreage of the United States is in Alaska. Many of the wilderness areas of Alaska are contained within National Wildlife Refuges of the same name.

Alaska's National Wilderness Areas
Brooks Range near the Hulahula River
The Brooks Range near the Hulahula River
Glacier at Kenai Wilderness
Glacier and glacial lake in the Kenai Wilderness