Quay County, New Mexico

  • Tucumcari Mountain, east of Tucumcari
  • Route 66 sculpture in Tucumcari
  • Mesalands Dinosaur Museum in Tucumcari

Quay County is in eastern New Mexico, against the Texas Panhandle border. Named in honor of Pennsylvania Senator Matthew Quay (a supporter of New Mexico's statehood), Quay County was formed in 1903 and contains 2,875 square miles of land and 7 square miles of water. The county seat and largest town is Tucumcari.

For many years, growth in the county was fueled by traveler's dollars as US Highway 66 crosses the county east/west and that route gave easy access to some of the smaller settlements along the way. That changed with the opening of Interstate 40 in 1981...

Quay County is home to Ute Lake State Park, a good part of Mesalands Scenic Byway and is crossed east/west by Historic Route 66.

Fast Facts about Quay County, New Mexico
Types of Jobs:
Private Sector, wages or salary: 58%
Government Sector: 24%
Unincorporated, Self-Employed: 16%
Homemaker, Unpaid: 2%
Cost of Living Index for Quay County: 80.9
Median Resident Age: 41.5 Years
2014 Estimates:
Median Household Income: $31,380
Median Home Value: $94,240
Major Industries:
Educational Services, Agriculture, Lodging & Food Services, Construction, Health Care, Government, Transportation Services, Social Services, Automotive Parts & Dealers, Retail Services, Finance & Insurance Services
Population Demographics: 2010
Total Population 9,041
Males 4,456
Females 4,585
Population by Age
Under 18 1,968
18 & over 7,073
20-24 370
25-34 886
35-49 1,644
50-64 2,081
65 & over 1,865
Population by Ethnicity
Hispanic or Latino 3,834
Non Hispanic or Latino 5,207
Population by Race
White 7,781
African-American 103
Asian 88
Native American 113
Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 4
Other 648
Two or more 304

Mesalands area map

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