Philmont Scout Ranch

  • Philmont Scout Ranch Headquarters
  • Tents ready and waiting for scouts
  • The gift shop, bookstore and Seton Library
  • The parking area at Seton Library
  • Looking across the Philmont Scout Ranch Headquarters area

Philmont Scout Ranch was a dream when I was a kid: the American Mecca for Boy Scouts. Sorry to say, I never made it until I was 55. I didn't know what to expect but all those red roofs everywhere were quite a surprise. I was also quite surprised at the size of the physical plant: buildings all over the place. And thousands of tents, too, but I didn't see any Boy Scouts anywhere.

I stopped in for a trip through the bookstore and the Seton Library. Nice stuff, with lots of reprinted first-hand historical texts for sale. There were also quite a few wildlife prints and paintings on display.

The photos here were taken during a simple drive-through of the central part of the Ranch. Most of this huge property is accessible only by permission, and it helps to be involved with the Boy Scouts of America...

Philmont Scout Ranch
This was in one of the parking lots