New Mexico by Counties

map of New Mexico

Clicking on any of the county names below will take you to that part of These county pages have demographic info (population and growth stats), miscellaneous info about the county and access to a zoomable/pannable map centered on the county seat.

NOTE: On many of the pages linked below I try to provide some demographic information. As this information comes from the US Census Bureau, there are a couple of caveats that have to be taken into consideration:

  • This information cannot be more accurate than what the Census Bureau itself offers, and some of the numbers are estimates.
  • The "resident racial breakdown" numbers usually don't add up to 100% because Hispanics are often counted among all the other races.
  • The median home values include every type of construction that people live in: townhomes, condos, four-plexes, detached homes, mobile homes, etc.
New Mexico by Counties