Logan, New Mexico

  • First National Bank in Logan
  • Logan Public Schools, home of the Longhorns
  • In the main business district in Logan

Logan is a village near Ute Lake State Park, about 24 miles northeast of Tucumcari in Quay County. Logan is a nice little town on the western Great Plains but the big draw here is the recreational opportunities offered by Ute Lake State Park.

Logan came into existence at the spot where the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad chose to build a bridge across the Canadian River. The town was named for an ex-Texas Ranger and US Marshall who was wounded while transporting the Marlow boys from one jail to another.

The original townsite is built on an 80-acre parcel filed on by one Olie Smith, a lawyer from Clayton. Smith got this homestead right by buying the homestead rights of William Kirkpatrick, a former Union soldier who earned the rights through his service in the Civil War. Smith sold the property to M. Bishop and Eugene Logan (the ex-Texas Ranger/US Marshall) for $400 on August 7, 1901. Soon after that, M. Bishop sold his interest to J. E. Johnson, who surveyed and platted the townsite, filing the maps on November 15, 1901. The partners immediately began selling the lots and the first house was under construction before New Year's of 1902.

A number of successful irrigation wells were drilled soon after that but the land in the area was better for growing cattle than for growing crops. Logan never did grow to be very big but the biggest impetus to growth here was the construction of the dam that holds back Ute Lake. As Ute Lake is the second largest lake in New Mexico, Logan sees an average of 250,000 visitors annually. Biggest topic of conversation in town: "Where did they catch that record-breaking bass last year?"

The population of Logan is down more than 5% since 2000.

Fast Facts about Logan, New Mexico
Logan, Quay County, NM 88426
Latitude: 35.3615°N
Longitude: 103.4477°W
Founded: 1901
Elevation: 3,819'

High School or Higher: 76.0%
Bachelor's Degree or Higher: 11.0%
Graduate or Professional Degree: 3.4%
Cost of Living Index for Logan: 85.7

2014 Estimates:
Median Household Income: $24,600
Median Home Value: $94,600
Median Resident Age: 48.0 Years
Major Industries:
Government, Construction, Educational Services, Agriculture, Lodging & Food Services, Health Care, Transportation Services, Finance & Insurance Services
Unemployed (August 2014): 6.6%
Population Demographics: 2010
Total Population 1,042
Males 508
Females 534
Population by Age
Under 18 159
18 & over 883
20-24 26
25-34 60
35-49 197
50-64 287
65 & over 296
Population by Ethnicity
Hispanic or Latino 194
Non Hispanic or Latino 848
Population by Race
White 966
African-American 4
Asian 2
Native American 11
Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 0
Other 42
Two or more 17

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