Jemez Springs, New Mexico

Jemez Springs, New Mexico
In downtown Jemez Springs

Jemez Springs is a settlement in the Jemez Mountains near the site of Jemez State Monument. The town is named for the nearby Pueblo de Jemez and there are several natural hot springs in town and in the surrounding valley. The Jemez Ranger District of Santa Fe National Forest is headquartered in Jemez Springs.

The population of Jemez Springs is down more than 30% since 2000.

The Jemez Valley appears to have been inhabited for at least 4,500 years. When the Spanish arrived in 1540, they found several pueblos located up and don the valley. The Franciscans arrived in 1620 and the next year, began construction of a mission at San Jose de los Jemez the next year. Sometime in the 1640's, the priests left and the mission began to crumble. Following the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, most of the local tribes people converged on the Pueblo of Jemez (about 12 miles south of the village of Jemez Springs).

Anglo settlers came into the area in the late 1800's and a post office for the village of Archuleta was established in 1884. Seems a lot of folks left a few years later and that post office was closed. The Jemez Springs post office was established in 1907, about the same time the current bathhouse at the springs themselves was built.

Jemez Springs was almost chosen as the site of the Manhattan Project in 1942 but lost out on that to Los Alamos (which is just over the hills to the northeast). 1947 saw the establishment of two Roman Catholic retreats in the area: the Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete and the Handmaids of the Precious Blood. The Village of Jemez Springs was incorporated in 1995.

The Bodhi Manda Zen Center, a Rinzai training academy following the footsteps of Kyozan Joshu Sasaki was established in Jemez Springs in 1972.

Fast Facts about Jemez Springs, New Mexico
Jemez Springs, Sandoval County, NM 87025
Latitude: 35.770833°N
Longitude: 106.6925°W
Elevation: 6,198'

High School or Higher: 96.1%
Bachelor's Degree or Higher: 37.5%
Graduate or Professional Degree: 21.4%
Cost of Living Index for Jemez Springs: 90.4

2014 Estimates:
Median Household Income: $39,050
Median Home Value: $296,500
Median Resident Age: 56.8 Years
Major Industries:
Agriculture, Forestry, Construction, Wholesale Trade, Manufacturing, Lodging & Food Services, Professional Services, Utilities
Unemployed (August 2014): 7.6%
Population Demographics: 2010
Total Population 250
Males 127
Females 123
Population by Age
Under 18 26
18 & over 224
20-24 7
25-34 21
35-49 36
50-64 80
65 & over 75
Population by Ethnicity
Hispanic or Latino 73
Non Hispanic or Latino 177
Population by Race
White 216
African-American 1
Asian 2
Native American 2
Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 0
Other 22
Two or more 7