Golden, New Mexico

  • Golden Mercantile
  • Old gold diggings in Golden
  • Old gold diggings in Golden

Golden is a few miles south of Madrid along the Turquoise Trail (NM 14). There's a few nice homes in what's left of town but Golden has obviously seen better days. Southeast of town are the San Pedro Mountains. Somewhere between Golden and the San Pedros is the site of the first big gold strike in America and initiator of the very first American Gold Rush, back in 1825. I always find it a bit amazing that the Spanish traipsed all over this countryside for 200+ years looking for gold and the only gold that has ever been found was discovered after the Spanish were booted out.

Anyway, Golden has some large ranches around but not much else. If you need groceries, it's driving to Santa Fe or maybe somewhere between Sandia Park and Cedar Crest.

Fast Facts about Golden, New Mexico
Golden, Santa Fe County, NM
Latitude: 35.2700°N
Longitude: 106.2170°W
Elevation: 6,639'
Population Demographics: 2010
Total Population 37
Males 21
Females 16
Population by Age
Under 18 3
18 & over 34
20-24 0
25-34 2
35-49 7
50-64 18
65 & over 7
Population by Ethnicity
Hispanic or Latino 9
Non Hispanic or Latino 28
Population by Race
White 32
African-American 0
Asian 1
Native American 1
Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 1
Other 2
Two or more 0