Bloomfield, New Mexico

Bloomfield Public Library
Bloomfield Public Library
Salmon Ruins, Bloomfield, New Mexico

Bloomfield is located just to the east of Farmington at the intersection of US Highways 64 and 550 in San Juan County.

The Salmon Ruins (so named because George Salmon homesteaded the surrounding property long ago), a 12th century Anasazi pueblo, are just west of town. The Salmon Ruins and the George Salmon homestead are now part of a privately-operated museum complex. Aztec Ruins National Monument, composed of pueblo structures built about the same time as Salmon, is about 15 miles to the north. Chaco Culture National Historical Park is about 50 miles to the southeast.

While there is some cattle ranching done in the area, the majority of businesses in Bloomfield seemed to cater to the oil and gas industry or supporting the folks who work in the oil and gas industry.

In 2007, the Bloomfield City Council decided to make the town famous by unanimously voting to erect a stone monument of the Ten Commandments at City Hall.

Fast Facts about Bloomfield, New Mexico
Bloomfield, San Juan County, NM 87412
Latitude: 36.7107°N
Longitude: 107.9827°W
Elevation: 5,456'

High School or Higher: 75.6%
Bachelor's Degree or Higher: 10.2%
Graduate or Professional Degree: 4.3%
Cost of Living Index for Bloomfield: 86.7

2014 Estimates:
Median Household Income: $47,950
Median Home Value: $140,560
Median Resident Age: 31.4 Years
Major Industries:
Mining, Educational Services, Construction, Lodging & Food Services, Health Care, Government, Utilities, Retail Services, Automotive Services, Finance & Insurance Services, Repair & Maintenance
Unemployed (August 2014): 6.8%
Population Demographics: 2010
Total Population 8,112
Males 3,978
Females 4,134
Population by Age
Under 18 2,448
18 & over 5,664
20-24 528
25-34 1,164
35-49 1,456
50-64 1,327
65 & over 945
Population by Ethnicity
Hispanic or Latino 2,571
Non Hispanic or Latino 5,541
Population by Race
White 5,461
African-American 50
Asian 36
Native American 1,482
Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 2
Other 796
Two or more 285