Colorado State Trustlands, Wildlife Areas and Fish Units

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  • Black bear on the prowl
  • Elk in the meadow
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  • Mule deer in the morning
  • Fishing North Lake

The list of State Trust Lands, Wildlife Areas and Fish Units available in Colorado is presented here, broken down by counties. Just make a selection below and you can see what's offered. This list was current as of May, 2012.

Before you visit, there's a couple of things to know:

  • Unless otherwise posted, all State Trust Lands leased by CDOW are closed from March 1 to August 31, but some State Wildlife Areas are open year-round for wildlife viewing purposes.
  • State Trust Lands are open only for hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing.
  • Camping is not allowed on State Trust Lands but is on some State Wildlife Areas.
  • Target practice or target shooting is prohibited on State Trust Lands.
  • Youths under 16 must be accompanied by a mentor who is at least 18 or older and who has complied with the hunter education requirements.
  • State Trust Lands are closed from 1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise.
  • A Colorado Wildlife Habitat Stamp is required of everyone 19-64 years old who purchases hunting or fishing licenses. That Habitat Stamp allows you access to all State Trust Lands leased by CDOW and to all State Wildlife Areas.
  • People aged 19-64 who visit State Trust Lands or State Wildlife Areas without buying a hunting or fishing license must pay a fee (per calendar year) for the privilege.
  • For $200 anyone can buy a Lifetime Habitat Stamp.

State Trust Lands, Wildlife Areas and Fish Units, by County

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